“It has been said that an actor must have the hide of a rhinoceros, the courage and audacity of a lion, and most importantly, the fragile vulnerability of an egg.” – Robert Prosky

Audition Skills Coaching

(because actors don’t act for a living, they audition for a living)

Maybe it’s your very first audition ever or your first callback for a new HBO series. My technique for building a character, creating place, understanding circumstances, and formulating objective will set you apart from your competition and help you book the job. On-camera or on-stage we will address each moment of the audition from your initial greeting to your triumphant farewell. Bring monologues, sides, or commercial copy and let’s play!

Acting Coaching: One-on-one or with a partner

So you booked the job! Congratulations!! Now comes the hard part. How do you analyze the script, work through stylized dialogue, or connect with a character who is miles outside your wheelhouse? Once you’re on a set or in the rehearsal room, your director may not have time to address your questions or help you work a scene beat by beat. You’ll want to show up and be prepared on your very first day. Trust me, in this business time is money, shooting schedules are tight, and rehearsal space is expensive. As an actor, you will be remembered, rewarded, and rehired not only for your talent but for being PREPARED!

To See, To Hear, To Think, To Feel, To Act

A compelling performance has nothing to do with acting. A great actor is one who lives richly in the moment, listens vigorously, and responds authentically to the given circumstances. It is that simple and that complicated. I love actors and I love being an actor. My sessions celebrate our shared duty to powerfully convey the human condition through storytelling. And, yes, this also applies to commercials for toilet bowl cleaners! Best not to be too lofty about it all.


“Christina Starbuck has the ability to readily connect with her emotions and deliver.”


“Delivered with messianic zeal”

Serena Donadoni, Village Voice

“Starbuck more than sticks the landing.”

Joey Magidson, awards circuit

“Boundless and exquisite.”

Mark Saldana, True View Reviews

“Played brilliantly.”

Gadi Eklon – Selig Film News

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